While good news about the construction of the new high school continues, unfortunately the renovations to the front door of Montross Middle School have had to be delayed, due in no small part to the brutal budget crunch courtesy of the coronavirus. All of this came to light during a facility update at last month’s Westmoreland County School Board meeting.

According to Superintendent Dr. Michael Perry, the plan is to re-bid for the Middle School’s entrance at what he deemed “a more favorable financial time.”

“However,” he continued, “we own the design, so all we have to do is bid it out when we believe we can take care of it.”

It wasn’t all bad news with regards to Montross Middle School. Later on in the update, Dr. Perry indicated that the electrical work in the Middle School’s greenhouse had been completed.

It remains to be seen how long the plans for the new middle school entrance will remain in limbo, but the chief concern of it remains security, as laid out by Grimm & Parker all those many months ago when they spoke about securing each of the schools. In the case of Montross Middle, the plan laid out at the time called for a second set of doors that would be locked after the onrush of students in the morning.

To better control access one of the side rooms would be converted into a security station that new arrivals would have to come into the building from, which would force them to enter the building through the office, and thus put their ID through the Raptor security check.

 There are similar plans for Cople Elementary as well, and while the design of Washington District Elementary poses some challenges, Grimm & Parker will be exploring some possible security options for that building as well.

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