No more vault privies will be permitted in Richmond County until further notice. At last week’s meeting, the Board of Supervisors imposed a moratorium while the Planning Commission digs deeper into the matter.

The county recently approved a request for vault privies at an Amish school off of Canal Road. “I know it’s sitting well with some and not sitting well with others,” said County Administrator R. Morgan Quicke.

As he told the board last month, the decision was made after extensive research into how the matter is handled in other localities and it was done in conjunction with the health department. The county’s zoning ordinance does not expressly prohibit vault privies, and as it’s written, provides latitude to be interpretive, he said.

“We were trying to be accommodating. We were looking at it from a broad sense and we were trying to take what we had and make a good decision to work with a new community that’s coming in here,” Quicke said.

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