Despite the weather and pandemic, construction continues on the new high school in Westmoreland County by Branch Builds. The High School came up for a quick update during the School Board meeting last week, and Superintendent Dr. Perry marveled at the fact that progress was still being made at the construction site with the sort of dedication that one would expect from an unstoppable mailman or a door-to-door salesman.

“If you’ve driven by,” Dr. Perry spoke, “Then you’ve seen that the wind blew away all the black tarp at the site, but construction is still ongoing. One of the things that got me excited was that the footers are going up soon. That means walls cannot be far away. In two weeks, the footers will come.”

With the auditorium designs have been submitted and approved, one of the primary focuses now is on the bus loop and the easements required for it. Having the bus loop will allow the school to separate car and bus traffic, as well as focus the entry of most students through the main doors. Once those are acquired, work will start immediately. The county, meanwhile, is still looking at obtaining easements for the water line extension, which is going to be required to make sure that the new high school’s fire suppression system is up to code.

“We’re all excited about it,” Dr. Perry continued, “The construction documents are 25% done, and should be completed by the end of the month. Our goal is to have as much as possible finished by July 1.”

The original drive for the construction of a new high school came about after Dr. Perry took over as the Superintendent for Westmoreland County’s Public Schools. Last year and the year before, the new high school was the focus of several disagreements, most notably on the subject of the auditorium, before all parties agreed to the original plan of having the auditorium be present from the beginning.

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