Kylee Rose, a senior at W&L, is working in a coop education program at Westmoreland State Park. She was recently promoted to assistant office manager. She is shown at her desk, working with the public and with Westmoreland Park Ranger Steve Davis.

Washington & Lee High School senior, Kylee Rose, has a three-year work experience that most students of her age only dream of. Rose has been working part-time at the Westmoreland State Park in a number of duties. Recently promoted to assistant office manager, she was carrying out a myriad of duties while manning the desk at the visitor’s center.

As part of the Washington & Lee High School Career and Technical program (CTE), Rose is participating in the cooperative education program this year. She is an ideal candidate for this program and absolutely “loves” her position. She has learned how to deal with the public and run basic office equipment, including the camp store’s cash register. When visitors come into the park, they usually find Rose as their main contact when purchasing park passes, getting guide maps and even visiting the two resident snakes. She answers questions about the park with knowledge and skill and if she doesn’t know the answer, a park ranger is always nearby. A favorite part of her job is listening to the different stories from visitors and learning about where they came from.

Her older sister worked in the Park Service when she was in school. Rose’s aunt is her immediate supervisor. Her learning experience has been invaluable. The park ranger staff are “thrilled” to have her assistance. When Kylee graduates she plans on leaving the area but the skills she has learned while working at the Park will travel with her. Hopefully, she can work for a state park in her next location.

In the cooperative education program students find their own jobs or receive assistance in locating one. The positions are either paid or unpaid, depending on the company. Students are graded on hours, certifications and skill levels.  They also receive an evaluation from their job supervisors.  Each student receives a visit from Washington & Lee High School CTE director, Justin Savoy. This year, 32 W&L students are participating in the program.

WMLCPS appreciates the assistance of companies and organizations such as the Westmoreland State Park. Their efforts to promote education are appreciated.