Two of Colonial Beach’s long-time employees, Daniel “Danny” Smith and Kathy Flanagan, were honored upon their retirements at the June regular council meeting. 

Smith worked for 20 years in the Public Works department and on the sanitation truck for the town. Flanagan has been the Town Clerk for the past nine years. 

With Flanagan having the most institutional knowledge within the town’s administration, she has worked over the past few months to train her replacement, Heather Oliver. Town Council voted Oliver in as their new clerk as well. 

Only one vote was nay on accepting Flanagan’s retirement as councilman Dallas Leamon refused to accept her retirement due to how much she has done for him and the council as a whole.

Budget discussion

As meetings were suspended through phase one of the COVID-19 pandemic this was the first regular council meeting since March. A work session was held last week with a public hearing on the town’s budget. 

The budget, which gutted school funding by $554,151. For five years the town had level funded the school at $2,299,916 in local funds. The town’s local contribution this year is set at $1,745,765.

Mayor Eddie Blunt said that the town could look at the financials again later in the fiscal year for the possibility of more funding for the school system.

In the vote to approve the budget, following her request for $100,000 more in school funding, which failed, only councilwoman Vicky Roberson voted against the budget.

While the school’s funding from the town was decreased, other departments were not. A raise for the Town Manager Quinn Robertson was included at a cost of $15,000 according to a note attached to that department’s budget. Not only does that department’s budget include an increase for the Town Manager but also new hires, parks and recreation and a receptionist, and moving the human resources department under that category. The department’s budget goes from $296,783.87 to $519,801.87.

The Police Department budget is decreased by $3,000 as no motor vehicle purchase is included for fiscal 2021. Salaries and wages are listed as $528,486 for last year and $575,234 for 2021. 

The proposed entire budget for 2021 is $6,930,941.75 vs. the actual 2020 budget of $8,118,867 which includes more than $400,000 in COVID-19 expenses.