Aubree Coles is seven years old and in the second grade at Lancaster Primary School.  Timika Croxton, who works with elementary school-aged children at BGCNN’s Kilmarnock program site, says that  Aubree attends Willie Chapel Baptist church where she active in youth activities. “When she grows up she wants to be a nurse like her mom Danesha Walters. She loves drawing, doing art projects, having fun, and playing with her friends. She believes that in order to be selected as youth of the month you have to be kind to others, listen to staff, follow directions, and always be willing to go above and beyond what is expected of you. She is very honored to be a positive role model for her fellow club members as youth of the month.”

Antonio Tomlin, 12, is in the seventh grade at Lancaster Middle School. According to Richie Carter, program coordinator at the Academic Support Center in Kilmarnock, “Antonio says he likes coming to the club to play sports and see his friends. He is also glad to get help with his schoolwork. Right out of high school, his dream job is to work in a shoe store because he loves sneakers! After that, he may even want to own a shoe store.”  Antonio himself says he is happy to be recognized for having good behavior.

Keona Thomas is in the fourth grade at Northumberland Elementary School. Todd Suydam, program coordinator at the Macedonia Baptist Church Academic Support Center site, reports that, “Keona gets really good grades in school and her favorite subjects are math and science. She says that when she grows up she wants to join the military and serve her country.” Keona says, “I am very happy, proud and honored to be selected.”