Lemonade Stand (2)

“Dad, let’s sell lemonade and cookies, and give all the money away. Donate the money so we can help people.”

An idea of Ethan and Jared Diggs after reading “The Lemonade War” during the state-wide family reading event, Virginia Reads One Book in February of 2018.

This idea, turned reality, has resulted in two successful Lemonade Stands, generating nearly $600 of profit, all donated back to organizations who support this community.

In 2018, school supplies were purchased and donated to the Hispanic Ministry at their church, Warsaw Baptist, and their school, Richmond County Elementary. This year, with the help of their cousins Hadley Bumgarner and Wheeler Rosario, 60 backpacks were purchased and donated to Bethany Baptist Church to support their Backpack Ministry, which also supports children and their families in Richmond County.

Wesley Diggs, their father, states “We feel blessed to have the opportunity to give back to our community and be a part of the change we wish to see. Giving is always better than receiving and our family is filled with joy that these children have learned that at such a young age.”

Plans for next year’s Lemonade Stand are already in process.

The Diggs family expresses their sincere gratitude to Julie Christopher at Colonial Collectibles, Rick Rose at Northern Neck Soft Wash and all parties who have made the thought of children, a reality.

Inspired by “The Lemonade Wars,” Ethan and Jared Diggs

brought their idea to help others to reality.

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