The morning of August 9, 2021 was different from all others. For the first time ever, Westmoreland County Public Schools were opening for in-school instruction earlier than they ever had. Secondly, WMLCPS was finished with virtual learning and ready to welcome back its students into a new environment. It was hard to figure out who was more excited, teachers or the returning students.

Gleaming yellow Westmoreland County Public School buses rolled into place at Cople Elementary, Montross Middle School, Washington District Elementary, and Washington & Lee High School. Teachers throughout the district jumped into action, jostling each other for the best vantage spot to meet students and eager to assist the arriving students. Armed with hand sanitizers, masks, and smiles, teachers greeted each student as they exited the buses. Students were led to the welcome staging sections at each school where their temperature was taken and masks adjusted, if needed. School had officially opened on August 9, 2021 and every school was ready to roll.

The great majority of students were extremely excited about their arrival. The wearing of masks did not impede on the good feelings that students and teachers shared. Learning was the name of the game after the first bell. Eager students were thrilled to be back in the study mode. Classes were buzzing with activities as students once again began the mastery of math problems or channeled their energies in science. Because of the strict following of health rules and regulations, each class was taking mask breaks and water fill-up time. This year’s classes made sure that all health procedures were being followed. Even with the new rules in place, everyone was relieved to be back at school. Go Eagles!