Members of Alpha Delta Kappa brought book bags for the students.

Alpha Delta Kappa held their September meeting at the new Boys and Girls Club of the Northern Neck on Main Street in Kilmarnock. The meeting was held in the Gallery. The Gallery is a large multipurpose room used for exhibitions of the artistic talents of young people. The room is a place to share their stories and is available for outside groups to hold meetings.

The club provided each member of the sorority with a gift bag about the Boys and Girls Club, and the sorority gave book bags for students to begin the new school year.

The meeting began with a tour of the new building. The building is beautiful and well designed for the youth of the community. Teenagers and youth have their own areas. The building is equipped with the latest technology, sitting areas, and a place for physical exercise. At the end of the tour, the sorority members were in agreement that the quality and design of the building creates a place for students to reach their potential as caring, productive, and responsible citizens. Everyone was impressed with the caring staff and the building.

When members returned to the gallery, the meeting began. First, members enjoyed pizza from Anna’s. The next objective was to organize future meetings and events for the upcoming school year. Of course, minutes and budgets were approved. The meeting ended with announcing upcoming social events.

 On August 14th, a group of sisters and their friends went to Tangier Island. There was lunch, shopping, and a study of the island’s history.

August 26, a Poker Chip Run will take place. Members will travel in groups to solve clues and earn a Poker Chip at each site. The color of the chip will determine its value. In the end, you will tally up your chips to see if you won.

Gamma Alpha would like to thank the Boys and Girls Club of the Northern Neck for the tour of their beautiful building.