When the Coronavirus hit, it threw quite a lot of schedules into chaos, and the lockdowns in turn dropped the economy. Also caught in the chaos of this was a pair of proposed self-storage facilities by two different sets of people. At last month’s Westmoreland County Board of Supervisors meeting, each got to send forth their request for an extension on the deadlines for the special exception permits they had to apply for back when the plans for the storage facilities were first proposed.

The first, from Blue Iris Commercial Investments, was on a lot previously owned by McDaniel & Sons Homebuilders, over on 7218 Kings Highway. The second, meanwhile, came from Northern Neck Builders & Property Management, which was due to be plunked down onto 3232 Kings Highway. 

For Blue Iris, the exception was granted back in 2006 to build six self-storage units over around Flat Iron Road. Two units and an office were constructed before the project was put on pause. Things changed around 2018, when a new owner purchased the property and started working on getting approval for the remaining units. However, the special exception permit was due to expire before everything could be complete if kept to the original deadline, as the pandemic had made it difficult to secure building materials and the like. 

The second case, with Northern Neck Builders, first got its special exception back in 2009, and had all the permits taken care of about a year later for things such as a commercial entrance. Plans for the buildings were put on hold, however, due to the recession. Much like with Blue Iris, NNB&PM’s special exception would have expired at the start of this month if nothing had been done, requiring them to apply for the deadline extension.

In both cases, approval was quick and unanimous from the Board, giving both applicants the extra time they need to either secure materials for building or wait for a better time to start construction.