Jane Wyatt

Jane Wyatt

 Bay Transit, the public transportation division of Bay Aging, has been in operation across the Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula for almost 25 years. Jane Wyatt, who started working for Bay Transit in July of 2004, remembers those early days well. “My daughter came home from church saying she’d heard Bay Transit needed an employee in Tappahannock, but they had to be at work at 5 a.m.,” Ms. Wyatt recalled. After retiring from the state, commuting to and from Richmond for fifteen years at the Department of Motor Vehicles and another twenty years with the Virginia Department of Information Technology (now VITA), Wyatt was “used to getting up early every day.” 

Wyatt came out of retirement and joined the fledgling transit system as a dispatcher. “There were two of us working as dispatchers and Pat Sanders (now Bay Transit’s Operations Manager) was our supervisor. We worked in a three-room office above the movie theater in Tappahannock. It was great and I couldn’t have asked for a better boss than Pat,” Wyatt recollected. “Pat is somebody you can talk to. If you have a problem with work, she’ll work it out with you. Pat allowed me to work in many different capacities and I enjoyed trying different jobs.”

In 2010, Bay Transit opened their new facilities in Warsaw adding more employees including drivers, dispatchers, schedulers, administrative, and maintenance staff. “I learned to use RouteMatch, our web-based scheduling system, started working with the New Freedom program providing transportation beyond Bay Transit’s core service area, and much more,” said Wyatt. Eventually Ms. Wyatt transitioned into the administrative side of the business which included giving presentations to senior centers, civic groups, student groups at Rappahannock Community College and other community organizations to encourage people to ride the bus. “I’d take a driver with me to these presentations and we’d give people a free ride on the bus and show them how to buy bus tickets. Once people learned how easy and convenient it was, they were excited about riding on Bay Transit.”

Raising awareness about Bay Transit is one of many aspects of the job in which Jane takes great pride. “I love being out in the community. For some people Bay Transit is their only means of getting to school, work or the doctor.  I will always remember the special needs passenger that I went to see in Northumberland County to help him get oriented with riding the bus.  He wanted to see his mother in Westmoreland County so we’d bring him up to Warsaw every Friday and he’d transfer to a Westmoreland bus so he could visit his mother.  It made him so happy and helped him to live more independently,” she said.

Ms. Wyatt will start the newest chapter in her life later this month and she has much to look forward to. “I plan to spend a lot of time taking care of my new great grandson, Grayson, who was born in December. It’s going to be fun,” Wyatt said. Still, Jane feels her retirement will be somewhat bittersweet. “I almost cried the day I told Pat (Sanders) I was planning to retire. I would recommend Bay Transit to anyone. It really is a great place to work.”

For information about employment at Bay Transit call or email Pat Sanders today at (804) 250-2019 ext. 1114 or psanders@bayaging.org.