Guy Nolan, the Coan River Marina’s new co-owner.

The Coan River Marina went belly up in 2013, but it is back in business now.

In September, 2015, Guy Nolan and Matthew M. Miller bought the 60-slip marina from EVB Bank which owned it following the prior owner’s bankruptcy. Now, with the coming of good weather, the marina is shifting into full-time operational mode.

Nolan said Sunday that during the fall and winter after buying the marina, he and Miller spent time trying to find the owners of six boats that had been left there. It was a time consuming process, he said, but four of the owners have been located. Moving the boats off the marina’s six-acres of dry storage area has opened more space for new customers.

Nolan, who is a marine surveyor following 26 years in the Coast Guard, said he and Miller had looked at a number of marinas and decided Coan River Marina at the end of Lake Road in Lottsburg was the best available. Located near the mouth of the Coan River, “it has eight to 10 feet of water all the way to the Potomac,” Nolan noted.

Nolan said he trusts his contacts in the Northern Virginia area will attract customers. The rental fees at Coan River are much less than those closer to the District of Columbia, he said. Besides, he will tow their boats down to the marina for them.

Nolan pointed out that the marina’s 25-ton boat lift has been overhauled and he is re-stocking the marina’s store. The prior owners just left odds and ends in it, he said.

The marina has a total of 60 slips with 45 of them large enough to moor 50-foot boats, Nolan observed. It also has electricity for the boats, a pump-out station and non-ethanol fuel.

Nolan said people in the area have been quite welcoming, happy to have the marina back in operation.

The marina’s website is: