Though many have been in their homes for quite a while, the Chesapeake Bay Garden Club does have some things to celebrate! The club has earned many awards through their accomplishments last year. The Piedmont District Virginia Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc. announced the awards on the district and state level. These awards are usually presented at the Piedmont District Spring Meeting in Richmond, but unfortunately this could not happen because of the pandemic.

CBGC is especially proud of the club’s accomplishments in making contributions to the local community.  CBGC earned an Honorable Mention for its hard work during National Garden Week. The Reedville Fishermen’s Museum helped with this project. Three Red Ribbons were earned. The Saved Seed (an educational project), the club Yearbook, and its Website are the recipients of a Red Ribbon. Finally, the Blue Ribbons were earned for the Flower Show Schedule and Youth Horticulture Education.  The Blue Ribbons were recognized at the state level as well.  The Publicity Press Book earned a first place on the state level from the Virginia Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc.  

Members of the club have missed going to meeting, special events, and meeting up with friends, but this beautiful spring and free time have given everyone the opportunity to work in their own gardens. The gardens this spring are absolutely beautiful. 

 Now it’s time to begin planning for next year.  Through video chatting members are working so that next year will successful. Chesapeake Bay Garden Club is looking forward to getting together with present and new members this fall.

Even though the state is beginning to open up, please stay safe.

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