Kelis and Kemoria Sutton

Kelis and Kemoria Sutton (L to R) will have plenty to do when they open the blue bag they received last Thursday along with some meals and snacks for the weekend.  Inside this week’s “Club on the Go” bag was a large “Glossy Panel Ball;” a daily fitness challenge consisting of 26 fun exercises like cartwheels and somersaults; a “Comedy Corner with questions like “How did Benjamin Franklin feel when he discovered electricity? (shocked!); a checkerboard with rules for playing; a word search (topic of the day: physical fitness); a science project; a game from the Northumberland Public Library; a Virginia 4-H STEM home activity (this week a game that teaches insect body parts with encouragement to draw a complete insect.  And as part of the ongoing garden project, there is a lesson about honey bees with a “honey stick” for tasting real honey.  As well, each week offers a “Teen Corner” with practical information for teens on a specific trade and the education it requires. This week, a list of practice interview questions was also included.  “We are so grateful to the many partners in our community who contribute to the content of these activity packets and help us provide a fun mix of games and educational exercises for our kids,” says BGCNN operations director Jonathan Putt.

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