Blessing intake

As the saying goes, “Timing is everything.” That was the case a day in May when a caring person doing outdoor cleanup work at a church in Warsaw found a kitten alone in the woods. The kitten appeared to be about eight weeks old, alive, but with a severe leg injury. The kitten, now known as Blessing, had a left hind leg injury that was quite extensive. The kind lady that found the kitten had heard about a new cat rescue organization, Garfield’s Rescue, Inc. (GRI) and contacted them by phone.  She described the kitten’s condition and immediately GRI initiated a rescue. Blessing was picked up by one of GRI’s fosters and promptly taken to the vet for evaluation.  

Dr. Casey at Bayside Animal Hospital examined Blessing and determined he was in good health other than his damaged leg. Dr. Casey recommended amputation of Blessing’s damaged leg. As a newly established organization with limited funds, GRI established a Go Fund Me fundraiser on Facebook.  Thanks to many caring and concerned citizens that donated to Blessings cause, surgery was scheduled on May 28. They are happy to report Blessing is doing extremely well. Blessing will be available for adoption as soon as he fully heals and is neutered.  

There are many community cats (homeless) on the Northern Neck. GRI’s primary work to solve the community cat problem is to foster and find forever homes for friendly/adoptable felines. More than half of the felines coming into GRI foster care are “re-homed.” That means, the feline’s owner or owner’s family, surrendered the feline to GRI because the owner has passed away and is not able to care for the pet any more.  

In May, GRI took in 31 felines. These felines came from local residents who reported 26 friendly strays including three newborn kittens and one ill two-week old kitten. In addition, other residents and business owners requested Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) service.  Five cats were successfully trapped, sterilized and given necessary veterinary care.

A total of 23 cats left GRI care in May.  Three felines were adopted locally and 10 felines were adopted outside of the Northern Neck thanks to this network of rescue organizations. They transferred a mother cat with her three newborn kittens to an organization with expertise in kitten care. Their TNR activities returned four cats to their original locations where they will be cared for by residents or business owners. Sadly, one sick cat was euthanized and the two-week old kitten died.

Processing large numbers of felines takes funds and many volunteers, especially this time of year in what is called “kitten season” due to the birth of many kittens. They are pleased to acknowledge the receipt of a donation from the Animal Welfare League of the Northern Neck, Inc. This donation supports vet services (spay/neuter and vaccines), food, and other expenses in caring for our foster cats and kittens. You can donate or volunteer your time to help us continue the life saving work for community cats on the Northern Neck.  Visit their web page at and follow GRI on Facebook at Garfield’s Rescue.