Colonial Beach residents have another outdoor activity to enjoy—a nine-hole putt-putt golf course on Washington Ave.

A private owner launched a putt-putt venture in 2019, and it had “pretty decent success” because it was something many people in town had been wanting, especially tourists. But then the pandemic hit, explained Robert Duke, director of Colonial Beach Parks and Recreation Department.

Residents wanted the putt-putt to stay, and the former owner approached Duke about buying it but that wasn’t an investment the department could make. Saving the day, Point of View Properties made the purchase and offered to donate it with one condition: it had to be free for public use.

Parks and recreation cut the ribbon for the first nine holes last Friday. The site has an honor box with balls and clubs, and it’s open from dawn to dusk.

Before the official opening, people were allowed to start using the course. “We’ve had so many wonderful comments and have seen so many positive social media posts about kids of all ages and adults getting use out of it,” said Duke.

The department has another nine holes in storage and plans to rehab and paint them, and then expand to an 18-hole course in the spring.

To get the community involved, the department is considering an “Adopt a Hole” program that allows individuals or groups to paint and redesign a hole in creative ways.

A free, public, nine-hole course in Colonial Beach