On November 9, the Westmoreland Players Theatre celebrated the premier of their play, “My Three Angels” with a packed audience, laughter and delicious food.

Directed by Tommy Neuman and produced by Marcia Peters, “My Three Angels” showcased the talents of its casts as well as its gorgeous set, designed by Bill Armstrong, which takes you to a tropical home with colorful, clay walls, plants and gorgeous vintage furniture.

The play, created by Samuel and Bella Spewack, takes place in the early 1900s during Christmas time in French Guiana. The storyline revolves around the Ducotel family (played by Bruce Lawyer, Debbie Evans and Jaime Beazley) and the three convicts (played by Dan Backhard, John Lester Pittman and Michael Snider) who are working on repairing the family’s roof and their lives. With plenty of romantic drama, comedy and a drive to spare the Ducotel family from the wrath of their mean-hearted cousin, Henri Trochard (played by Dave Gutowski) and his nephew Paul (played by Kenny McCartney), the play had the audience feeling connected to each of the protagonists in a unique way.

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Westmoreland Players take on a fun new twist of a classic French Christmas Carol.

Photo submitted by Tommy Neuman