‘Hometown Takeover’ makeover

Colonial Beach citizens, in conjunction with the town, are working hard on an application to HGTV’s new short series, “Hometown Takeover.” Ben and Erin Napier will be taking over, and making over, a small town somewhere in the United States.

With a limit of 40,000 people in the rules, Colonial Beach is well under that with a total of 3,500 citizens.

On Sunday, about 150 of the most dedicated volunteers in the town showed up at the Colonial Beach Municipal Pier to film a couple sequences for the video submission to HGTV. One of the people spearheading the effort, Eric Nelson, spoke to Caryn Self-Sullivan of his love for Colonial Beach and the wonderful, eclectic people in the town.

While cameras, drones, and cellphones rolled, the gathered group shouted out, “We are Colonial Beach,” and “This is our hometown” a few times to get the best results.

Some of the championship Colonial Beach Youth Athletic Association Drifters Cheerleaders performed a cheer for the cameras and shouted their love for the town.

This week a golf cart tour of the town will be taped before the submission is due.

With Colonial Beach in the middle of working to bring the town back to life from boardwalk repairs, the installation of artwork, and furniture, to talk of more roads being fixed, including talk of finally finishing off the last block of Fifth Street, this could be the push the town needs.

One of the main focuses in the town now is cleaning up, and fixing up, the businesses and buildings on Colonial Avenue to make it more welcoming to visitors.

A crowd of Colonial Beach citizens gathered to help with

a video application for HGTV’s “Hometown Takeover.”

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