Cougar Flash

As August comes to a close, and September rolls around, the final First Friday for the year looms on the horizon. After being cancelled last year due to there being a plethora of unknowns about the Coronavirus at the time, First Fridays came back in a big way this year, even if the schedule was a bit truncated compared to previous years. However, after being cooped up for a year, local residents and tourists alike were eager to get out and spend some time on the town.

According to Patricia Lewis, the Montross Town Manager, August’s rendition of the event was by all accounts a smashing success.

“I’m sure we had over 300 people there,” she stated, “It was the biggest I had ever seen. It was a good night.”

“Yeah, I think we might have exceeded the town population on that one,” Mayor Cosgrove quipped afterwards, “That was exciting, and maybe it will lead to some additional conversations.”

This upcoming event will feature the band Cougar Flash, and is pretty much the last time people can gather around for live music, local curios, and hot food before the Fall Festival rolls around.

As for the Fall Festival itself, it’s no real surprise that many folks are still worried about whether it will take place this year or be cancelled again over concerns involving the Coronavirus. As of last week’s meeting of the Town Council, the Fall Festival is still on. Mrs. Lewis had previously had a conversation with Dr. Williams, the director of the Three Rivers Health District.

“He stated that since it’s outside, it should be okay,” Lewis stated, “But he’s going to monitor it week by week and let me know if it’s going to be an issue.”

This year’s theme, should the thing take place, and it looks like it’s well on track to do so, will be focused around delivering a large thank-you to both emergency workers and businesses that managed to stay open and running throughout the lockdowns, particularly businesses that had been deemed essential. It will take place on October 2.