skateboard clinic

DC Wheels at the Colonial Beach Skateboard Clinic

Naked Neck Adventures welcomed The DC Wheels skateboarding charity to Colonial Beach Friday night for the official launch of a new Northern Neck recreation app.

Now available from the App Store and Google Play, the Naked Neck Adventures app aims to give the region a new stage by aggregating all of the goods and services in the Northern Neck that are available to tourists and locals with an emphasis on outdoor sports and recreation.

The app will help users find and explore restaurants, bars, sporting activities, and more.

In May, Naked Neck Adventures began loading listings for Warsaw, Callao and Montross, and now it’s focused on adding listings in Colonial Beach. Listings for the lower neck, including areas like Heathsville and Kilmarnock, are slated to be included this fall.

Colonial Beach Department of Parks and Recreation partnered with Naked Neck Adventures to celebrate the app launch by co-hosting a skateboard clinic featuring The DC Wheels Saturday at Colonial Beach High School.

Greg Hewitt, founder of Naked Neck Adventures, said the idea for the skateboard clinic came after noticing that there aren’t any skateboard parks in the Northern Neck or anywhere close. The goal was to promote the sport of skateboarding and highlight the need for safe skateboarding parks in rural communities.

The clinic was a hit. Over 50 skaters of all ages participated. Even Colonial Beach Councilwoman Caryn Sullivan joined in on the action.

The DC Wheels assisted first-time skateboarders with building confidence and courage, and they gave the more experienced skaters tips on improving their skills and doing more advanced moves. Members of the skateboarding group also replaced the wheels on boards that needed some love.

The adventure is just beginning

How Hewitt is structuring Naked Neck Adventures is driven in large part by the Virginia Department of  Conservation and Recreation (DCR), which ranks technology at the top of the list in tourism trends.

Naked Neck Adventures checked off that box with its app. But Hewitt plans to add additional features beyond business listings. One that’s particularly important is a calendar to curate events.

Right now, if you want to know where to find live music on a Friday night, you have to visit seven different Facebook pages, he said, adding that he plans for the Naked Neck Adventures app to be a one-stop destination for finding out what to do.

DCR is also focused on increasing access to water. So, Naked Neck Adventures has identified four target locations for potentially launching a kayak rental operation. Glamping is another big adventure tourism trend, and the company is in discussions with land owners about making that option available in the area.

The skateboard clinic was an effort to implant a seed. Naked Neck Adventures has started putting out feelers in Westmoreland about potentially getting a skateboard park built.

Meanwhile, it partners at Fort Hill Riders in Hague is going to be expanding that service. They’ve built a mud bog and an ATV skills park to cater to the off-road market. And capitalizing on its partnership with Lake Marshall Disc Golf Club, Naked Neck Adventures is working on scheduling some events with PDGA golfers.

The app has launched, but Naked Neck Adventures’ vision for life and tourism in the Northern Neck is still in its early stages.