The mess that was 2020 took quite a lot of things from us, ranging from going out and about to being able to send the kids to school. Both Montross First Fridays and the Fall Festival were unfortunate casualties, too; the latter of which was especially surprising given the fact that it went on in 2017 in spite of incredible rains. Montross turning into lakefront property couldn’t stop the Fall Festival, but COVID did. Thanks to declining cases and the advent of the Coronavirus vaccines, however, people are finally able to go out and about again, and in many cases, leave the masks behind.

The town of Montross tentatively put its proverbial toe back into the water at the start of the month when it kicked off a truncated version of their First Fridays event. Running from June to September instead of May to October, the whole shindig kicked off with a bang, with attendance packing the parking area by the Carrot Cottage as people finally got out and socialized.

“The rain cleared up just in the nick of time,” Montross Town Manager Patricia Lewis stated, “People were calling to see if it was still on, but it was very well-attended.”

As this month ends, that means another First Friday is around the corner, meaning there’s another chance for people to pop out and enjoy the sun. This upcoming Friday will see Virginia natives Jonathan and Jaylin Brown entertaining everyone that attends with what Mrs. Lewis described as “beautiful, soulful voices singing a variety of music, from Folk and R&B to Soul.”

The Fall Festival Committee, meanwhile, is having another meeting on the 7th of July, and according to Patricia Lewis, the theme for this year is going to be one giant nod and thank you to first responders. Rather fitting given the previous year we’ve had.

Montross First Fridays are back, weather permitting