Last year, two of the many casualties in the wake of the panic that resulted from the pandemic were the Town of Montross’s First Fridays and Fall Festival. Started several years back as an art walk, this event took on a life of its own and became a celebration of art, music, food and libations. Next month, thanks in no small part to the various mandates being lifted across the Commonwealth, the town of Montross is once again gearing back up for the celebration, albeit at a truncated schedule.

Normally starting in May and lasting into October, this year’s batch will be the first Friday of the summer months, starting with June 4, and the final one taking place in September. This month’s shindig features Josh Grigsby and the County Line Band.

“We have a great bluegrass band,” Mayor Terry Cosgrove commented, “and they are so ready to come out and play. They’re excited.”

The Fall Festival, meanwhile, is also looking set to make a comeback. At last week’s meeting of the Town Council, Montross Town Manager Patricia Lewis gave an update on the situation. The Fall Festival Committee will, by the time this is published, have had another meeting to hash out proper details.

“We’re still looking for volunteers,” she explained to the council. “We had great turnout at our meeting in April, and got some great ideas down. I think it’s going to be awesome.”

Overall, the entire council is hoping for a good turnout to First Fridays if the weather cooperates.

“Hopefully people are ready to get outside and have a good time again, weather permitting,” commented Mayor Cosgrove.

It remains to be seen what will happen if the weather does not cooperate.

With pandemic mandates easing up, will Montross see some return to normalcy?