Details for Notice of Public Hearing


Notice of
Public Hearing
Notice is hereby given pursuant to Section 28.2-1302
of the Code of Virginia and the Northumberland County
Emergency Ordinance addressing Continuity of Government during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic,
that the Northumberland County Wetlands Board will
hold a public hearing on Tuesday, June 14, 2022,
commencing at 7:00 P.M., in the Northumberland
County Sheriff’s Office (195 Judicial Place) in Heathsville to consider the following applications for wetland
and/or coastal primary sand dune and beach permits:





Request by Robert E. Bolger (V.M.R.C. #22-1052)
to install 166 linear feet of riprap channelward of
an existing failing bulkhead along the shoreline of
Whays Creek and 232 Boiling Point Drive.
Request by Danny Cridlin (V.M.R.C. #22-0979)
to replace a damaged timber groin with an armor
stone groin 48’ from MHW and to repair and add
stone to an existing armor stone groin from the
shoreline of the Chesapeake Bay and 1 Beach
Request by J. L. Hoover Etals (V.M.R.C. #221055) to rebuild 81 linear feet of existing bulkhead, install 66 linear feet of riprap revetment
and to allow a maintenance dredge of existing
slips along the shoreline of Indian Creek and Tax
Map Parcel # 53-A(2)-6-A across from 195 South
Drive in Indian Creek Yacht and Country Club.
Request by Little Wicomico Oyster Company and
Hacks Neck Farms, LLC (V.M.R.C. #22-0982) to
conduct a dredge of 6,776 cubic yards of dredge
material along the shoreline of the Great Wicomico River and 104 Glebe Point Lane.
Request by Lance and Jane Thom (V.M.R.C. #220892) to install 295 linear feet of riprap revetment,
two 10-foot stone spurs and install 225 linear feet
of coir logs along the shoreline of Cockrells Creek
and 414 Longstreet Drive.

Written comments should be received by the Building and Zoning office prior to the meeting. Comments
must be mailed, faxed to (804) 580-8082 or e-mailed
to Interested
members of the public will be able to participate in the
meeting physically and through electronic means (telephonic). The phone number, access code and password will be published on the County Website, www. at least 3 days prior to the
meeting. If you are physically disabled, hearing or visually impaired and need assistance with this hearing,
please call Stevie Conaway at (804) 580-7666 (Voice)
or Via the Virginia Relay or TDD for assistance.
Northumberland County Wetlands Board
By: Philip H. Marston, Zoning Administrator