Details for Boathouse Permit


Public Notice
Notice is hereby given pursuant to Article XIV, Section
148-151, of the Northumberland County Zoning Ordinance that the following application for a Boathouse Permit has been submitted for approval:
A request by T. Stuart McDaniel, (V.M.R.C. #21-0168) to
construct a 30’ x 13’ x 18’ open-sided boathouse alongside a proposed pier extending from the shoreline of Hack
Creek and 184 Cottage Place, Tax Map Parcel #20-(1)-22.
The application requesting the proposed permit is on file
in the Office of Building and Zoning at the Old Courthouse in Heathsville, VA, where all interested parties may
view and inspect the project. Comments, questions and/
or objections may be written, faxed to (804) 580-8082,
or e-mailed to ( and
must be received within 15 days of the date of publication
of this notice.
Northumberland County Board of Supervisors
By: Philip Marston, Zoning Administrator