Details for HELP WANTED

The Northumberland County Sheriff’s Office is accepting
applications for a full-time shelter care attendant. Starting salary is $25,000 with benefits. Must work weekends
and holidays. Duties include but are not limited to: Care
for the dogs and occasionally shelter cats by cleaning
their kennels/cages, cleaning their bedding, feeding, removing animal waste, monitor their health and behavior,
give medication, take dogs to outside play. Must be able
to lift 50lbs and occasionally assist the Animal Control
Deputy when animals are seized or signed over to the
county. The position also includes minor office work for
the shelter manager, answering the phone and assisting
with adoptions.
Must pass a background check and have a valid Virginia
Driver’s License with a good driving record
Applications are available at the Sheriff’s Office or on our
website at
Applications must be received at the Sheriff’s Office by
April 12th.