Christmas decorations are always a hoot when they are set up. Empty yards and houses are suddenly bathed in the soothing glow of lights as inflated snowmen happily smile and wave at passersby. In Montross, it has become an annual tradition for a member of the town council to get a few out-of-towners and take them on a trip through the town. After the trip is done, they decide who had the best decorations. This year, Clinton Watson got to take some folks along.

Coming in with honorable mentions for business were Allegiance Title Insurance and Yesterday’s Restaurant. Walgreens took third place. Little Eagles Child Development Center came in second. However, it was the Montross Brewery that took the cake with its lights and colossal love sign.

In the residential category, meanwhile, Stanley and Donita Gordon, along with Warren and Shelby Holden got honorable mentions, while Gary and Lynn O’beir Hayes took third place. James and Patty Ptucha came in second, and Alison and Melissa Nowacki got the silver tuna of first place.

“What I noticed this year was that there was not as much participation,” Watson stated afterwards, “And I think a part of that was COVID and just what’s been going on this year. I feel things will be on an upturn when we get into 2022.”

“I’m hoping we can get more people involved next year by giving prizes,” town manager Patricia Lewis added. “We’ll come up with something, maybe gift cards.”